4 Lesser Known Additions to Your Mommy Makeover

Mother and DaughterA mommy makeover is a customized set of procedures designed to help women who have completed their families regain their pre-baby body. Most commonly, a mommy makeover consists of a tummy tuck and breast enhancement. However, women can opt for a range of other surgical and nonsurgical procedures in their mommy makeover to address their own unique needs, including these four lesser known procedures that can make a big difference.


Motherhood can cause a new level of stress and anxiety, which, when combined with age, can take its toll on your appearance in the form of facial wrinkles. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a popular noninvasive treatment for dynamic wrinkles in the face. By relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles, BOTOX® can smooth the skin for a younger facial appearance.

2. Spider Vein Treatment

Women often develop spider veins, unsightly blood vessels near the surface of the skin that most frequently occur in the legs and face. Spider vein treatment can make these surface blood vessels disappear, leaving behind a beautifully unblemished complexion.

3. Brazilian Butt Lift

Age, weight fluctuations or simply heredity can result in a less-than-ideal posterior. If your post-pregnancy body lacks curves below the waist, you might benefit from a Brazilian butt lift, which augments your assets for a more curvaceous backside.

4. Arm Lift

An upper arm lift can correct the drooping excess tissue in the upper arms that women commonly develop with age. By removing extraneous fat before lifting the remaining tissue and tightening the skin, an arm lift can restore a fitter, firmer look to your upper body.

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