Mommy Makeovers for Every Stage of Motherhood

Women often considerHappy young mother with little daughter on field in summer day cosmetic surgery as an option for altering and improving various areas of the body after having children. The popular mommy makeover is a combination of procedures like breast enhancement, a tummy tuck or targeted liposuction aimed at revitalizing your figure and helping you feel sexy and confident well into motherhood. No matter what your appearance concerns, it’s not uncommon for moms of all ages to undergo mommy makeovers to meet their goals.

Right after the Baby

It’s no secret that pregnancy and nursing can cause some significant changes to the female body. Plenty of new mothers find themselves struggling with baggy stomach skin, stubborn pockets of fat and deflated or sagging breasts after completing their families.

By waiting at least six months after weaning, you can ensure that pregnancy hormones return to their normal levels before considering your mommy makeover options to tighten up your post-baby figure. A tummy tuck can remove excess stomach skin and tighten your abdominal muscles, while breast enhancement can create more youthful looking curves for a sexier figure.

Before They’re Teens

For mothers whose kids have aged a few years, feeling sexy and young again can feel like a challenge. You may have lost the weight, but maybe you’re not turning heads like you used to. A mommy makeover at this stage can be just what you need to regain confidence and love your body once again.

Off to College

When the kids are gone, some moms finally have enough time to invest in themselves. A mommy makeover can be the perfect way to celebrate new life changes and help you look rejuvenated once your children have moved out and you have time to prioritize yourself again.


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