What Contributes to Your Eyelid Surgery Costs?

146799222Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can be a great option for men and women who want to restore a more alert and refreshed look to their eyes. Eyelid surgery can also improve your quality of life if you suffer from chronic watery or dry eyes or the skin around your eyes has drooped to the point where it obscures your vision. Your insurance company may be willing to cover the procedure if a doctor recommends eyelid surgery for those reasons.

There are a few factors that can impact the cost of eyelid surgery.

What You Get

During eyelid surgery, a cosmetic surgeon can remove and tighten loose or sagging skin around the eyelids and improve the appearance of puffiness in the eyelids or bags under your eyes. The surgery can be done on upper and lower lids or just one depending on what your surgeon recommends.

Adding Up the Cost

The price of eyelid surgery varies depending on your end goal. We tell our clients that the average cost range is $2,900 to $5,000.

  • Some people decide to add BOTOX® to their eyelid surgery to help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, which can add to the price tag, yet may mean achieving the best results.
  • Opting to having both lids done versus just the upper or lower lids can have an effect on the cost too.
  • Where the surgery will be done and if a local or general anesthesia is used may also impact the price tag. An onsite surgical suite with a local anesthetic may be less expensive than a general anesthetic in a hospital setting.

Whether insurance is covering the costs of your eyelid surgery or not, most people feel the results are well worth the investment.

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