Is There a “Best” Breast Implant Size?

Female Fitness Sports Bra CleavageIf you’re considering breast implants, finding the right implant size may feel like a challenge. You want to choose an implant size that will complement your overall figure and match your proportions, and you don’t want to go too big or too small. When it comes to breast augmentation, there is no chart or data set that clearly outlines the best implant size for your specific needs. The best breast implant size for you depends on a number of factors.

The Sizing Surprise

Implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc), which comes as a surprise to many women who are accustomed to measuring their breasts based upon bra size. What’s more, it’s possible for two women to have identically sized breast implants yet end up with completely different results. This is because your natural anatomy affects how your breast implants will look on you.

Your Body Limits

Your current breast size, shoulder and chest width all play a role in how your final breast augmentation results will look. If you have small breasts, you don’t have much spare breast tissue, so breast implants above a certain size won’t give you the best results. A cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation can measure your physical dimensions and evaluate your appearance goals to find a size that works well with your frame.

Don’t Forget Your Lifestyle

Your breast implants are a long-term commitment, so it’s important to choose a size that fits with your everyday lifestyle. If you’re a naturally active person, large implants could be cumbersome and may interfere with activities that you enjoy.

So as to whether there’s a “best” breast implant size, there really isn’t one answer. The perfect implant size can’t be picked without considering your natural anatomy, your goals and your lifestyle. To get the most out of your breast augmentation, find an experienced cosmetic surgeon to walk you through each stage of the decision-making process.

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