4 Tips to Avoid Fake-Looking Breast Implants

Updated December 2018

Women considering breast implants are likely to have some concerns as their surgery date approaches. One of the most common concerns involves the breasts looking obviously fake. Cosmetic surgery should always be carefully researched before a decision is made, and considering these factors will help you avoid noticeably fake breast augmentation.

1. Choose the Shape Carefully

Natural breasts tend more towards the teardrop shaped, so a very full, round, high implant will result in a more noticeably fake breast augmentation. Go for a natural slope and remember that breasts are closer in shape to pears than to melons.

   Breast implant shape, texture and placement will significantly affect how natural your breast augmentation looks.

2. Go for Silicone Rather than Saline

Today women have more breast implant options than ever. Both silicone and saline breast implants have their advantages, but silicone is considered to be more natural-feeling. This decision does very much come down to personal preference and is not the main factor in how natural your breast implants will appear.

3. Pick the Perfect Implant Size

There is no one perfect breast size; in order to achieve a less apparently fake breast augmentation, you will need to spend some time with your cosmetic surgeon working out what size will suit your body best. Look for an experienced breast augmentation surgeon who can give you a clear idea of how different implant sizes will look.

4. Position Wisely

Similar to sizing, there isn’t a hard and fast rule when it comes to positioning breast implants. The ideal breast implant placement for you will depend on your body shape. Generally, make sure the gap between the breasts isn’t too small or too large. Having the implants inserted beneath the muscle in your chest can also ensure less fake-looking breast augmentation results.

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Pregnancy, breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight or aging can all impact the breasts, leaving them lifeless,