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4 Simple Breast Lift Recovery Tips to Help You Stop Stressing

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Diverse coupleFor women who are struggling with skin laxity and drooping breasts, a breast lift could offer a life-changing solution. Many women say they feel more confident, energized and uplifted afterwards.

But if you’re in the planning stages of your procedure, you might be feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the moment. You probably have many questions about breast lift surgery that you want to have answered. To help you ease your mind and stop stressing, keep these simple breast lift recovery tips in mind.

1. Get a List of Medications to Avoid from Your Plastic Surgeon

Before and after your breast lift, there are certain medications and supplements that you should avoid taking, including aspirin, vitamin E and fish oil. They can thin your blood and therefore cause bleeding. But Tylenol should be fine to take to alleviate any discomfort once you no longer need prescription pain medications, which are usually only needed for the first few days.

2. Sleep with Your Upper Body Propped Up

For the first few nights, prop yourself up on extra pillows, or try sleeping in a comfortable recliner. This can keep swelling in check and help you avoid rolling over onto your side or stomach in your sleep.

3. Light Walking Is Great, but Don’t Overdo It

Whenever you’re feeling up to it, going for a light, slow walk can do your body good, but don’t try lifting anything heavy or otherwise working out your upper body until you get the go-ahead from your cosmetic surgeon.

Plan on taking 1 to 2 weeks away from work to recover from your breast lift.

4. All Good Things Take Time

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the outcome you’d expected right away. Your breast lift results should continue to develop over the next several months, so try to be patient with your body as it keeps healing and improving.


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