How Liposuction Procedures Differ between Men & Women

When you think about liposuction and other cosmetic procedures, you may automatically believe that they’re aimed at women. In fact, liposuction can produce equally outstanding results on male candidates, although there are some differences in how the procedure is carried out on men compared to on women. Whether you’re male or female, eligibility will depend on your individual circumstances, more information on which can be discussed during your consultation with your board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

Male Liposuction Tends to Remove Less Fat

In general, male liposuction candidates tend to seek a sculpted, toned appearance rather than the defined curves hankered after by their female counterparts. With these results in mind, liposuction on males may involve removing a small amount of fat obscuring toned muscles, or improving contour. You should always work with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon for the best outcome.

The density of male fat cells can make removal trickier, but the right cosmetic surgeon can still achieve excellent results.

Male Liposuction Targets Different Areas

Given the fact that, on the whole, men want to look muscular and strong, whereas women want to look slim, it’s not surprising that the different body contouring strategies for men and women involve working on different areas of the body. Of course, everyone’s an individual and there are exceptions to this but men approaching a cosmetic surgeon about liposuction will most commonly want to sculpt their abdomen or jawline, or tackle love handles. For example, you may wish to combine liposuction with tummy tuck, based on your initial consultation.

If you’re considering liposuction, remember that the procedure can be effective almost anywhere on the body when carried out by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon and there’s no one-size-fits-all perfect approach. Additionally, always remember that individual results and experiences may vary, and there are no guarantees that your outcome will match your ideal.


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How Liposuction Procedures Differ between Men & Women
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How Liposuction Procedures Differ between Men & Women
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