PRP Facelift

Whether you’re bothered by a dull or uneven skin tone, minor blemishes or the first signs of aging, you may be looking for a nonsurgical solution to help you achieve a smoother, revitalized look. A PRP facelift involves using the platelet-rich plasma from your own blood in order to stimulate your skin’s natural cell renewal process for a rejuvenated look and feel.*

Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. James Koehler is passionate about providing customized care to everyone who walks through our door. Eastern Shore Cosmetic Surgery offers PRP facelifts to help men and women in the Mobile-Pensacola metro area improve the smoothness and radiance of their skin without requiring facelift surgery.*

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Are You a Candidate?

Nearly anyone can be a good candidate for a PRP facelift, sometimes called a “vampire facelift.” If you’re looking for a relatively short and simple procedure to improve the tone and texture of your skin for a rejuvenated and younger appearance, a PRP facelift may be right for you. This treatment can help to address a variety of skin concerns, including lines and wrinkles, acne scars and uneven skin tone and texture.*

Meet Dr. Koehler

Educated at the University of Alabama and in practice for over 15 years, Dr. Koehler is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who is devoted to providing exceptional results.

Meet Dr. Koehler

About PRP Facelifts

PRP facelifts utilize your body’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is naturally found within your blood, to stimulate skin cell renewal for a smoother, tighter and more radiant look and feel to your complexion.*

What to Expect

During your PRP facelift, Dr. Koehler will first perform a regular blood draw. The blood will then be placed into a centrifuge machine, which spins the blood in order to separate the platelet-rich plasma from red blood cells. The result is a yellow-hued substance called PRP, which contains growth factors that can help to active cell function.*

Dr. Koehler will carefully inject the PRP in various areas of your face, depending on your specific goals. PRP is frequently used in conjunction with microneedling, which creates tiny holes within the surface of your skin. PRP is topically applied to your skin after microneedling so that it can be absorbed more readily.*

Risks and Complications

There are very few risks associated with PRP facelifts, although you may experience some redness, swelling or bruising in the first few days after your procedure. These symptoms are usually mild and should go away on their own, revealing your results.*

Your New Look

Once any redness or swelling diminishes, you should begin to see the results of your PRP facelift develop over the next several weeks. As your skin continues to heal and renew, you should see a brighter, more even and more youthful-looking complexion. For optimal results, we may suggest a series of 3 to 4 PRP treatments spaced about 1 month apart.*

To take the first step toward getting a more youthful-looking and revitalized complexion, please feel free to contact us online or call us at 251-929-7850 to schedule your PRP facelift consultation today.*


*This information is for education only and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.


PRP Vampire Facelift
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PRP Vampire Facelift
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Eastern Shore Cosmetic Surgery in Fairhope, Alabama offers PRP facelifts, or vampire facelifts, for a younger look without facial plastic surgery.