Breast Augmentation Mobile/Eastern Shore

So you’re thinking about breast augmentation? We’re here to help! We have before & after photos, plastic surgery financing information, breast augmentation reviews, and procedure information to help you decide what is best for you.

Why is Eastern Shore Cosmetic Surgery the best place to get breast implants in Alabama?

button_mentorAt Eastern Shore Cosmetic Surgery in Fairhope, we have over a decade of experience in cosmetic breast surgery. We use Mentor breast implants, known for high safety ratings and the only implant made right here in the USA. We offer free consultations.

Breast Augmentation Cost in Alabama

Here in our Fairhope office, the price range for breast implants is from $4200 to $5500, all-inclusive, with anesthesia, facility fee, and all follow-up appointments.

A factor to consider is that silicone gel implants cost slightly more than saline. Some patients may have requirements which will change the cost slightly.  Although breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure and won’t be covered by insurance, we can help you spread out the cost over time through CareCredit financing.

Incision Choices and Scars

Incisions are made under the arm, under the breast, or around the areola and an implant is placed beneath the muscle or, less commonly, the breast.  Dr. Koehler most often prefers the inframammary incision.

Recovery Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is most often an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia.  Any pain following surgery is well managed with oral medication. Most patients feel well by the evening after surgery. Plan to take it easy for several weeks after surgery.

Scheduling your consultation for breast augmentation

During your consultation with Dr. Koehler, you will discuss your goals and expectations for breast augmentation. Dr. Koehler and his staff will be able to help you see what you will look like with various sized implants so that you can make a great decision about size.