If you are tired of embarrassing sweat stains at social functions, work or public speaking and are tired of using chemicals to control sweat and odor, miraDry® may be for you!  miraDry® is a noninvasive treatment for underarm sweating and odor that works immediately and delivers long-term results. For those of you who are concerned about the safety of aluminum-based antiperspirants, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll no longer need to use antiperspirant or deodorant again. miraDry® is FDA approved and is helping men and women feel clean and confident throughout the day.

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Are You a Candidate?

miraDry® is an FDA-cleared treatment for armpit sweating and odor glands. The best candidates for miraDry® are men or women who are tired of ruining clothes with sweat stains and embarrassing antiperspirant marks on clothes. If you are concerned or self-conscious of underarm sweat and odor you will finally be able to throw your antiperspirants and deodorants away. Candidates for miraDry® should be in good overall physical and mental health and have realistic expectations for their results. miraDry® is specifically for use on the underarms only.

Meet Dr. Koehler

Educated at the University of Alabama and in practice for over 15 years, Dr. Koehler is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who is devoted to providing exceptional results.

Meet Dr. Koehler

About miraDry® Sweat Reduction

A number of factors can contribute to underarm sweating, including your diet and lifestyle. A diet high in processed foods, sugars and fatty foods may affect your body’s hormone balance and cause an increase in sweat production. Similarly, excessive consumption of caffeine or alcohol can cause overactive sweat glands. However, some people simply produce sweat and odor at a higher rate than most, a condition known as hyperhidrosis. This can result in changing your shirt several times a day to avoid sweat stains, avoiding social situations or feeling self-conscious due to underarm sweat or odor.

miraDry® uses a noninvasive handheld device to deliver electromagnetic energy directly into the sweat and odor glands of the underarm without harming the surrounding skin or tissue. The electromagnetic energy destroys sweat and odor glands through a process called thermolysis, or decomposition by heat. While the majority of people see excellent results from one treatment, a smaller percentage of patients may require a second or even third treatment, spaced 3 months apart.

miraDry® Treatment Costs

At Eastern Shore Cosmetic Surgery, the cost of a miraDry® sweat treatment is $1950. In the less common scenario where a second or third treatment is required, we charge $950 per additional treatment. Dr. Koehler and his staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about cosmetic procedure pricing and help you fully understand the costs associated with miraDry® treatments.

What to Expect

During your consultation, we will listen to your concerns and explain the procedure in greater detail. We will describe the results you can expect to see after treatments and answer any questions you may have about miraDry®.  Normal underarm antiperspirants are about 20 percent effective at reducing underarm sweat and odor. More expensive clinical strength antiperspirants are about 30 percent effective at reducing underarm sweat and odor. One miraDry® treatment is 82 percent effective at reducing sweat and odor.

miraDry® treatments are performed at our AAAHC accredited office. Dr. Koehler or his nurses will inject local anesthetic to the underarms so you will not have discomfort with your treatment. During treatment, the handheld miraDry® device will be held against your underarm. As electromagnetic waves are being emitted, cooling technology will simultaneously protect the skin’s surface. Most people feel little to no discomfort during the procedure.

miraDry® sweat reduction treatments are nonsurgical and require virtually no downtime. Following your treatment, you may experience some underarm soreness, swelling or redness for up to 1 week, and some people experience numbness or tingling for up to 5 weeks following treatment. Cold compresses can reduce swelling and aid with any lingering tenderness.

Risks and Complications

miraDry® is a safe treatment for underarm sweat and odor and complications are highly unusual. While perspiring is an essential bodily function, the underarms house less than 2 percent of the body’s sweat glands and disabling these glands should not have a significant effect on thermoregulation or compensatory sweating. In the studies done for FDA approval of the device, no increase in sweating was noted elsewhere on the body after treatments. One other side effect is that there can also be up to a 70 percent reduction in the density of armpit hair.

Your New Look

After getting miraDry® treatments, you should notice a significant reduction in sweating and body odor in the underarms. Some people experience a complete loss of underarm sweat for a couple of weeks after treatment, after which some amount of sweat production should return. On average, people with hyperhidrosis experience an 82 percent reduction of underarm sweat after two miraDry® treatments. Some people may wish to schedule a third treatment for the best results.

Contact us online or call our Fairhope, Alabama practice at 251-929-7850 to schedule your miraDry® consultation today.
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