How to Get Back to Your Exercise Routine after a Tummy Tuck

Young People Spinning in the gymTummy tuck patients are often anxious to know when they can resume their exercise routine after undergoing surgery, and men and women are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle following any type of body contouring to maximize the chance of life-long results. So when does recovery time end and an active lifestyle begin?

Days 1-10 after Tummy Tuck

This is most critical recovery period. As tempted as you may be to try some light exercises, you should remain relaxed most of the time. You can gradually practice walking around the house, first with and then without assistance.

Two Weeks Post-Surgery

Two weeks after surgery is typically the earliest possible time that patients can begin some very easy activity. Try light walking, up to a mile twice a day, but continue to avoid strenuous activities, and also avoid prolonged standing of two hours or more.

Four Weeks Post-Surgery

By this time, you should feel comfortable enough to do some brisk walking. You can also ride a stationary bike and lift some light weights, but avoid aggravating your tummy muscles, which may cause incisions to tear.

Six to Twelve Weeks Post-Surgery

Many patients are tempted to fully resume a comprehensive workout regimen by a month or two after surgery. However, while you may feel well enough for strenuous activity, to maintain the  best tummy tuck results, you should continue to avoid strenuous ab workouts or heavier lifting until at least the 12-week mark. Prior to this, you can gradually incorporate more gentle activities, such as yoga, Pilates, swimming, aerobics and jogging.

While tummy tuck recovery is gradual, the results can make the wait well worthwhile. Follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions, and if you feel unsure of any particular exercise, contact your surgeon before trying it on your own.

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