Man arms spread out in field

How miraDry® Now Could Mean a Less Sweaty Summer Later

Man arms spread out in field

Man arms spread out in fieldDoes embarrassing underarm sweat keep you from playing sports, hitting the beach or doing other activities you used to enjoy? If this sounds like you, FDA-approved miraDry® could be the quick, easy and long-lasting solution you’ve been looking for.

If you’re considering getting miraDry for underarm sweating, this quick guide should answer your questions about how it works and when you might see results.

1. You Could Have Nearly Instant Relief from Sweating

MiraDry uses a small handheld device that emits electromagnetic energy to destroy sweat and odor glands without harming the surrounding tissue. The procedure itself is fairly quick and easy, and you should feel little to no discomfort.

Afterwards, most people notice an immediate improvement in excessive underarm sweating. Your results should continue to improve over the next weeks as well.

You may experience some swelling for a few weeks after getting miraDry, but it should gradually resolve on its own.

2. You Might Need Multiple Treatment Sessions

The majority of people who get 1 miraDry treatment see excellent results and don’t need to schedule any additional appointments. But for some people with more severe hyperhidrosis, 2 or 3 miraDry treatments may yield the best results.

3. MiraDry Results Are Long-Lasting

One of the biggest benefits of miraDry is that the results are virtually permanent. So if you get your miraDry treatment now, you’ll be ready to enjoy a sweat-free spring and summer in time for next year’s warmer weather.

Once the sweat glands are destroyed during your initial miraDry treatment, they’re gone for good. But don’t worry, you will still be able to cool down through the remaining sweat glands throughout your body.