Would You Plan Your Breast Augmentation Consultation over Skype?

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Consider this: Your doctor tells you that you will need surgery to correct a medical issue, and recommends you consult with a surgeon. You schedule an appointment to meet with the surgeon, but when the date and time for your appointment arrive, you meet him or her not in person, but over Skype. You may be thinking “I would never trust a surgeon who I wasn’t able to consult with in person.” Yet, there are a growing number of cosmetic surgeons who schedule first breast augmentation consultations with patients via Skype.

What A Skype Consultation Can’t Do

By meeting with your breast augmentation surgeon in person, he or she has the opportunity to physically examine the important individual factors that relate to your procedure, including breast dimensions, skin laxity, and your overall size and shape. It’s simply not possible to evaluate these things the same way through a computer screen.

Additionally, if you’re like most women, you may have an idea in mind of your ideal breast size, but are uncertain of what that means in terms of implant size. Without seeing you face-to-face and evaluating your overall build, a surgeon cannot accurately advise you on how to best achieve your outcome.

Your Health Comes First

Whether you’re balancing a hectic schedule or you live remotely, a consultation over Skype may seem like a great option. However, the decision to undergo breast augmentation is an important one, and also represents a significant commitment of your time and resources. You deserve a thorough commitment from start to finish.

Consultation is a two-way street, and visiting a prospective cosmetic surgeon’s office offers you the opportunity to get a sense for the facility, helping you to choose a place for your breast augmentation where you feel safe, and can trust that your overall health and wellbeing will be taken into consideration.

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