4 Problem Areas You Didn’t Know You Could Lipo

shutterstock_71275354Long known as a way to target stubborn pockets fat that diet and exercise can’t make a dent on, liposuction is commonly associated with the belly, waist, love handles and thighs. However the body contouring procedure isn’t limited to removing fat from just these areas. Liposuction is safe and effective almost anywhere on the body, and can work wonders on the back, the arms, and the neck and chin area and the face.

1. Make a Comeback

Some people accumulate fat on the back, behind the shoulders. Known as a “buffalo hump”, this may be caused by a medical condition or could be the side effect of medication. Menopausal women and older adults are especially likely to develop pockets of back fat. Liposuction can safely remove this fat and restore slimmer back contours.

2. A Farewell to Arm Fat

The arms can be a popular hangout for resistant fat. On women, this fat can gather near the armpit crease, causing the common bra bulge, or can hang down from the upper arms. Liposuction eliminates the excess fat from this region to create a sleeker overall appearance.

3. Whittle the Wattle, Sculpt the Chin

Countless people complain about their neck and chin without knowing that liposuction can rejuvenate this area. Double chins and “turkey wattles” (excess skin that hangs below the chin) can be hereditary or occur as a result of aging. Liposuction can treat any unwanted fat that lingers around the neck and chin.

4. Freshen Your Face

Jowls are the lower part of the cheek. On some people, this part of the face can become overly pronounced, giving the appearance of a full face or creating an undesirable look. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can use liposuction to remove excess cheek fat and bring a more refined shape to the face.

Liposuction is not a miracle surgery. It has its limitations and it has its areas
If you’ve started researching your liposuction options, you’ve probably come across quite a few buzzwords