Can You Get Stretch Marks from Breast Implants?

AdobeStock_68338184One of the most common questions when a woman goes for an initial consultation for breast augmentation surgery is if she’ll get stretch marks from her breast implants. Although it’s a possibility you could get stretch marks, there are a few reasons why this isn’t a common occurrence.

Taking Necessary Precautions

Now that breast implants are getting smaller, stretch marks from surgery are very uncommon. In fact, stretch marks are rarely seen unless there is a very large increase in breast size. The other way stretch marks may be seen after breast augmentation is if they were faintly present before surgery and the swelling makes them more obvious until the skin returns to normal. These types of stretch marks should only be temporary.

During your initial consult, your cosmetic surgeon will check your tissue thickness and your skin’s ability to stretch, as well as your overall breast and chest dimensions. After measuring all these factors, your surgeon will make sure that your expectations are in line with your measurements. If the size that you want your breast implants to be is greater than your skin’s ability to stretch, then your cosmetic surgeon should properly warn you about the possibility of stretch marks.

Post-Breast Augmentation Safeguards

In addition to ensuring that your breast implants are not too big for your frame, there are other preventative tips that may help lower your chances of seeing stretch marks.

For instance, it’s important to keep your skin well-moisturized after your breast augmentation (as soon as your surgeon tells you it’s okay). Other options—like using cocoa butter, a special stretch mark formula cream, med spa treatments or even tape to support the newly stretched skin—can be used during the first couple of months after surgery to help prevent stretch marks from breast implants.