women doing yoga

3 Post-Tummy Tuck Exercise Tips to Protect Your Results

women doing yoga

women doing yogaYou’ve already done your research, picked a cosmetic surgeon and had your tummy tuck. Now comes the fun part. As you continue to heal over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to gradually get back to a normal exercise routine and see your full results begin to take shape.

But before you head to the gym, here are a few pointers for exercise after your tummy tuck.

1. Take It Slow

When it comes to your tummy tuck recovery, slow and steady wins the race. That is especially true of your exercise regimen after abdominoplasty.

Start with sitting up straight and light walking around your house. Once you get the green light from your cosmetic surgeon, you can graduate to a brisk walk around the block or going on the elliptical.

Abdominal exercises should be the last thing you add back into your regular routine.

2. Don’t Push It

If your body is telling you that something’s hurting or uncomfortable during a workout or particular activity, take heed and slow down or stop. Your tummy tuck recovery period isn’t the time to push your body to do things that make it uncomfortable or even painful. Otherwise, you could end up prolonging your recovery and hindering your results.

3. Listen to Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Check with your cosmetic surgeon before beginning a new level of physical activity after your body contouring procedure, and follow that advice. If you’re not sure about a particular exercise, play it safe and give his or her office a call.


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