Cheap BOTOX®: Is It the Real Thing?

We’ve all heard of fake Rolexes and fakeshutterstock_78831361 designer handbags. But did you know that some shady cosmetic practices are offering imitation BOTOX®? It’s true – fake BOTOX® products continue to find their way into practices around the country, and the FDA is cracking down with raids and fines.

This is some scary stuff. A knock-off BOTOX® injection has the potential to cause major problems. This isn’t just a matter of your fake handbag that falls apart in a few weeks. There could be a real safety concern and it’s critical that you ensure your provider is using only the real thing.

Paying Less Now Could Cost You Later

Almost every BOTOX® provider will run specials or discounts now and then, and you can expect to save a few dollars a unit when they do. But if you come across someone who’s offering what they claim is BOTOX® at a much lower price than you can get it anywhere else, it’s time to take a step back. There’s a pretty good chance that what would actually be injected into your face isn’t BOTOX® at all.

So what’s the harm? BOTOX® is a special formulation of the botulinum toxin. A home-brewed mix could cause all kinds of side effects, including long-term muscle paralysis. Simply put, there is just no way that the risk is worth saving a few hundred dollars.

The Good News

FDA-approved BOTOX® can work wonders. From eliminating crow’s feet to treating migraines, the real stuff has successfully treated wrinkles for millions of Americans over the past decade. The FDA is actively combatting the illegal rings and unethical providers profiting from counterfeit products. But you can’t count on them to be able to trace everyone who is offering illegal products, so it’s important to make sure your provider has an established and positive reputation in your community.

Getting a good deal is a nice way to stretch the dollars you spend looking your best. But remember, if an offer sounds way too good to be true, it probably is.

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