What to Do & NOT Do the Day before Breast Augmentation

As the date of your breast augmentation approaches, you may be starting to plan your pre-op prep. Your cosmetic surgeon will have provided some information on what you should and shouldn’t be doing before your breast augmentation but, if you’re in any doubt, it’s always best to double-check, particularly when it comes to what you absolutely should NOT be doing.

What You Should Be Doing

The day before your breast augmentation, there are some things you should be doing as you get ready for your appointment. As well as making sure you’re rested and ready to go, today’s prep should include:

  • Choosing a loose, comfortable outfit to wear to and from the clinic. Don’t worry about a bra, as you’ll be given a post-surgical one to wear
  • Packing some essentials such as bottled water, dry snacks, ID and some cash
  • Taking your usual medications, apart from those which are dangerous to take at this point, like blood thinners. Check with your cosmetic surgeon if you’re in doubt
  • Make sure you’ve had enough to eat and drink before midnight
  • Confirming your transport to and from the clinic, plus childcare if required.

Don’t forget to make sure you’ve someone to look after you when you get home.

What NOT to Do during Breast Augmentation Prep

As well as making sure you do what’s mentioned above, you should take care NOT to:

  • Eat or drink in the 8 hours prior to your procedure
  • Search for breast augmentation-related stories on the internet, as you’re likely to make yourself more nervous
  • Overthink the procedure. You’ll have discussed your concerns with your cosmetic surgeon before now, trust their expertise
  • Smoke even a single cigarette. Just one can have a significant effect on the results of your breast augmentation and your recovery, so don’t risk it.


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What to Do & NOT Do the Day before Breast Augmentation
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What to Do & NOT Do the Day before Breast Augmentation
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